Quality and standards

At the rate the world is evolving, the demand for manufactured products continues to rise and the lead times to get these products into consumer’s hands, keeps getting shorter and shorter. The challenge of this scenario of delivering more products, quicker without compromising quality, is highly complex but at Sherman, we are consistently refining and standardizing our processes in order to meet this challenge.

It all starts by having the right people, which is why we focus so heavily on employing highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, plus a huge amount of time and investment goes into further training and constant upskilling.

Sherman has also invested and implemented several certified quality management systems in order to meet the specific needs of industries and to comply with international standards for quality and manufacturing, including:  ISO 9001, ISO 13485 , AS9100

Sherman Quality and Standards Advantage:

  •    Highly skilled, experienced and knowledge team
  •    Refined, flexible and rapid prototyping methods
  •    Comprehensive project management from start to finish
  •    Strict adherence to Six Sigma methodologies
  •    Stringent quality assurance processes
  •    ISO certifications including, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 , AS9100
  •    Consistent and reliable delivery
  •    Clear, concise and transparent information and communications
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