Social & Environment Responsibility

When Iulian Sherman founded the company, he believed strongly in mutual respect, integrity and caring for all people involved and associated to the company; from employees to partners, vendors and clients. This approach became a cornerstone of Sherman and its culture and remains true today. 

As a company that touches the lives of millions of people through our products and services including our clients, employees and communities, we believe it is our responsibility to act in a manner that complies with the law, is ethical and exceeds the norms of what is expected from an organization such as Sherman.

Taking care of the environment goes hand in hand with social awareness because what we build today, is the legacy we leave for our children and the next generations. With this in mind and our foundation of doing good in our pursuit of success, Sherman has implemented stringent social and environmental responsibility rules that dictate how we act, including:

  • Honest and fair business practices that help enrich the lives of everyone
  • Creating a healthy and fair work place that adheres to the highest levels of safety

  • Efficient manufacturing methods that utilize “greener” materials and reduce waste 


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