Global purchasing solutions

In order for companies to be competitive in the global economy and to bring products to market faster and more reliably, this requires access to the best quality materials, products and services at the best price. This is an area where Sherman shines with our global purchasing solutions. Over the years, we have built and nurtured relationships in order to develop strategic partners around the globe.

Our global activities and proven logistics capability allow our clients to benefit from both local manufacturing and in low cost countries, without compromising quality. The same applies to the sourcing of raw materials, components and services. In cases where our clients require unique or hard to find products or materials, we do all the homework including, acquiring samples and testing them to ensure the highest quality and standards.

Once the desired product or service has been sourced, our skilled team makes sure your orders reach their required destination on time, every time. Our tried and trusted global purchasing solutions are proven to reduce costs and capital investment.

Some of the Popular "Off-the-shelf" Products that We Acquire for our Clients:

  •    Custom AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, LCD, CPCI power supplies
  •    EMI/RFI gaskets, O-rings, RF fingers, touch panels, labels, face plates (Lexan).
  •    Industrial monitors - open frame, touch, LCD, TFT, Panel PC.
  •    LCD / TFT screens
  •    And other electronic components

Production Services Through Our Global Purchasing Solutions:

  •    Sheet metal fabrication, punching, stamping
  •    CNC machining, milling, grinding, turning (Swiss type)
  •    Die casting, sand & wax casting, forging
  •    Extrusion
  •    Tungsten parts
  •    Metal & Magnesium Injection molding (MIM)
  •    3D printing - metal & plastic
  •    Plastic injection molding design & production
  •    Plug and jack molding for cables
  •    LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) production
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