Medical / Cosmetics

Sherman works with many medical device companies who specialize in areas, such as skin treatment, hair removal technologies, monitoring devices as well medical imaging, such as X-ray, Mammography, CT scanners and more.  We manufacture and supply many of the components and assemblies required for these machines including plastic and metal housings, wiring solutions, assembly and much more. The demands of these industries are extreme and every part is subject to stringent standards and certifications.

Our network of partners and our skilled teams service these clients with absolute precision and our turnkey solutions make sure that all the various components from each supplier all come together and integrate perfectly and on-time, while assuring quality and reliability.


  • Exceptional experience and knowledge of the medical and cosmetics industries
  • Highest quality production capabilities that meet the extreme precision requirements of these industries
  • Compliance with ISO13485 requirements
  • Extensive global network of partners who also specialize in product manufacturing for the medical industry
  • Expert project management to bridge all stakeholders and suppliers
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