New Product Introduction services

New Product Introduction (NPI) is a critical step in bringing a new product to market successfully.  Great ideas can only achieve commercial success if all factors, from design to production, have been considered. This crucial process identifies risks, reduces costs and makes sure that the final product can be produced in a timely manner, while meeting the required standards and most importantly, within budget.

Designing for volume manufacturing is both a skill and an art and Sherman has the skills, plus decades of experience in helping customers bring their products to market. Our talented team, including engineers, project managers and production specialists, take on each project as if it’s their own and follow our tried and proven blueprint for NPI success.

The first step in our process is visiting the designs and identifying not just how the product looks, feels and functions but how it can be produced quickly, efficiently and cost effectively in volume, without compromising quality. While all of this takes place, other considerations are taken into account, such as sourcing the required materials, suppliers and partners. Other factors that are taken into consideration are durability, packaging and shipping.

Once all stakeholders are satisfied with the design and proto-types, Sherman’s manufacturing teams are able to step in and move the product into volume production. With Sherman NPI services, customers have complete peace of mind that their new product is taken care of from start to finish and they can focus on marketing, sales and distribution.

Key Areas of Sherman NPI Services:

  •    Product design & optimization
  •    Key engineering services
  •    End-to-end project management
  •    Risk assessment, management & mitigation
  •    Prototype and small volume production
  •    Testing and quality control
  •    Accurate cost, feasibility and ROI assessment
  •    Full documentation and tracking
  •    Large scale production process methodology formulation
  •    Supplier / partner sourcing, evaluation & management

Benefits of Sherman NPI Services:

  •    Higher quality end products
  •    Reduced overall costs
  •    Faster time to markets 
  •    Risk Mitigation
  •    Standardized processes & procedures
  •    Comprehensive turnkey solutions
  •    Enhanced product success
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