Sherman provides a range of services to the EMS industry, especially in sheet metal production and subassembly. From one-off specialized units, to mass production, including design, fabrication and finishing, our clients rely on us to deliver the highest quality products and assemblies on time and at the most affordable prices.

Our sheet metal production includes design (CAD/CAM) and prototyping. From there, production begins, including CNC and mechanical punching, laser cutting and forming. Components are then assembled and can include specialized welding, spot welding and even robotic welding. Once everything is assembled, the necessary grinding and polishing takes place and the assemblies can move to finishing where we offer a variety of finishes, such as painting, silk-screening and printing. With completed enclosures, Sherman then manages the entire hardware assembly with meticulous detail to produce a completed product, ready for shipping.


  • Firsthand knowledge and experience in EMS
  • Tried and trusted solutions, especially in electronics packaging
  • Exceptional fabrication and finishing quality
  • Ability to offer comprehensive assembly of all components
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