Management team

TeamIR1880The Sherman Management Team includes:

The Sherman management team consists of talented, skilled and experienced professionals that cover the entire scope of services including: Industrial engineers and designers, certified project managers, prototype technicians, patent analysts, engineers and product introduction specialists.

What really makes the Sherman team standout is their dedication and customer focused approach. Our people thrive when challenged and are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to think outside the box in order to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction.

LiorEmailLior Nahari

orenEmailOren Bachar
Supply Chain Manager
JorgeEmailJorge Yung
Chief Engineer

AlbertEmailAlbert Levy

Marketing & Sales Manager

AsulinEmail  Itzchak Asulin


  Operatoins Manager

ElieEmailElie Revach

Marketing & Sales

SimantovEmailSimantov Ruso

Integration Operations Manager

MeiravEmailMeirav Leibovitch

Marketing & Sales 

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