Supply chain management services

In order to offer our customers a comprehensive service offering, Sherman has mastered the art and process of supply chain management (SCM). In order to produce a product, this involves a multitude of processes from ordering and managing raw materials, information and finances, right through to delivery of the finished product.  Even more pertinent to SCM is managing stock levels at optimal levels to prevent either short-supply or holding too much inventory that can limit cash flows and disrupt the production line processes. Managing optimal inventory levels has potential cost savings, even greater than trying to purchase materials or components at better prices.

SCM can be segmented into three main flows:

  1. Product flowthis is the flow of goods from suppliers to customers
  2. Information flowthis is the transmitting and processing of orders while continuously updating the delivery status
  3. Finances flowthis consists of credit terms, payment schedules as well as consignment and ownership arrangements.

Sherman prides itself on its SCM services that once again, alleviates our clients of these complex tasks and allows them to focus their attention on marketing, sales and processing orders.

Sherman SCM Services Include: 

Pull Program Management (VMI,KANBAN,DFT)

The implementation of effective pull programs that ensures a lean manufacturing environment and eliminates the holding of large and expensive inventory. Products are manufactured as and when required.

Forecast Management

We work closely with our customers and use our experience and advanced applications to develop and maintain accurate forecasts that prevent overcapacity or potential shortfalls, both of which can even financial implications.

Material Management(Inbound & outbound logistics, Import / Export)

Having materials at the right time and destination is

critical in mass production. Our skilled production managers utilize the developed forecasts to maintain safety stock levels in all the right locations.

BOM Management

Bill of materials (BOM) management is a complex process. Sherman ensures that all materials, sub-assemblies, components and parts all meet at the right time and quantities in the production process.

Build to Spec

Sherman takes care of the entire design and productionprocess, allowing our customers to focus on their core business strengths. Clients define their requirements and we take care of the rest and deliver the end product.


Our proven Project Management Office (PMO) oversees the entire process, from start to finish. Every procedure is documented and measured, so that all the business objectives are met, budgets and timelines maintained and processes continuously optimized.

Critical Transportation (NFO, Hand carry)

Sherman has a strategic global network of expedited shippers and couriers that allow for your products to reach their destination quickly, efficiently and affordably. This approach also aids the lean inventory model, thereby reducing costs further.

LLI Management

Our experience and knowledge of LLI (long lead items) including the manufacturing and procurement of these items ensures that all components come together at the optimal time resulting in projects keeping schedule and within budget.

International & Domestic Drop Shipment

Another value-add offering, whereby finished products can be shipped direct from manufacturing or our inventory to the end-user, as if it came from your warehouse. This approach accelerates delivery times, reduces the need to hold your own inventory and transportation costs.


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