Product design & Engineering services

Every day, organizations and people from all walks of life have inspirations for new products, but turning a concept into reality can be a challenging and complex task. The fact is most new products fail to reach the market or fail when launched, not because they are poor ideas, but due to the lack of knowledge and experience in transforming these ideas into a reality in a cost effective and structured way.

Since the inception of Sherman, for more than 40 years, we have been helping clients turn concepts into reality, transforming their inspirations that were jotted down on a piece of paper or drafted in detail with CAD, into high quality products at an affordable price. We also assist clients to re-engineer existing products to overcome potential flaws, improve performance and even reduce production costs.

Sherman boasts a team of passionate and skilled industrial designers, engineers, project managers and manufacturing specialists who work together to solidify concepts and transform them into products. Our team works with you and your marketing teams to ensure you not only have a high quality functional product, but one that is innovative and marketable too.

It all begins with our designers understanding the requirements, which then gets translated into drawings that becomes the basis for building prototypes and eventually, mass production all at an affordable price.

Sherman Product Design & Engineering Services Include:

  •    Product Needs Assessment
  •    Drawings & Drafting
  •    Comprehensive Design
  •    Design-to-Cost (DTC)
  •    Reverse Engineering
  •    New Product Introduction (NPI) Support
  •    ECO Management
  •    Prototyping
  •    Transfer to production
  •    Testing & QA
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