Electrical wiring solutions

Our world is powered and dependent on electric devices, from our cars and airplanes, to kitchen appliances and machinery. In order for these products to work properly, they rely on wires and cables to transmit electrical power and to transmit signals. 

Sherman’s electrical engineers are capable of designing and building even the most complex wiring solutions and harnesses for any applications, taking into consideration factors such as vibrations, abrasions and moisture, as well as routing, EMI considerations and flame retardation.  This process of design is critical to the effective functioning of the end product and ease of use and maintenance, while also taking into consideration cost and production times. Over and above the physical cable considerations, Sherman can design, manufacture or source the required ties, clamps, sleeves, terminals and connectors, suitable for each application and environment.

All Sherman’s electrical wiring solutions utilize the highest quality materials and go through rigorous testing to meet even the most demanding standards, which is why many companies in the aerospace, defense and telecoms industries turn to Sherman for their wiring requirements.

Industries that Sherman Supplies with Electrical Wiring Solutions:

  •  Medical
  •  Telecoms
  •  Electronics
  •  Defense & Aerospace

Sherman Electrical Wiring Solutions Include:

  •   Wiring layout design & schematics
  •  Harness manufacturing
  •  Wire and cable sourcing & supply
  •  Connector and terminal design' manufacturing, sourcing & supply
  •  Adherence to IPC610 & IPC620 standards
  •  Testing & QA 

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